Humans have a strong brain, which fundamentally distinguishes between humans and animals. Humans use the brain to create and use tools, use the brain to break the primitive society and open up a new era of civilization, and Boba Tea use the brain to establish a relatively perfect social system. These are the wisdom that other creatures on the earth have never produced.

human birth to date only In the 200,000 years, science and technology are developing at the speed of light, society is constantly improving, and the world created by humans using the wisdom of the Cantaloupe brain has not only been confined to the surface of the earth, but also 20,000 miles deep into the deep sea, up to vast space, human beings have used unprecedented wisdom to crack. Many areas that humans cannot reach.

However, according to scientific data, many scientists, literati, and sociologists have far less than 20% of their brains. If human brains are generally developed to a large extent, human society Will the process develop at a multiple of ten times, twenty times or even higher?

Sure, this is A very perfect hypothetical question, human potential and desire are infinite, but the development of the brain far exceeds the range that human beings can carry. One of the reasons is that drug How To Draw A Car stimulation violates human ethics. Everyone can think of genetically edited babies. Even if they are immune to certain diseases, the experimental results are uncontrollable, not only for the experimenters and their families. Even the society is potentially harmful.

the second reason, The higher the degree of brain development, the longer human thinking. What humans face is not only the problems left over by history, but also the unknown problems ahead. Since the development of the brain is not the same as the development of IQ, if humans want to solve these problems, they still need to acquire a large amount of knowledge. The process of acquiring knowledge to use knowledge to produce results will take a lot of time and reduce the labor time. How to resolve this conflict is not only a scientific issue but also a sociological issue.

the third reason, I only develop the brain, but I have not developed other body functions at the same time. Whether the body functions of the human body can load the brain of 100% development state, I don't think it is necessary. Human progress has its own laws, and excessive development is equivalent to destructive growth. Brain development is not only a scientific issue, but also the cooperation of various social factors such as medicine, sociology, legal system, etc. Therefore, vigorously developing the human brain is still a difficult project to achieve.